Secured Unlisted Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures issued on Private Placement Basis


ISIN: INE0G1R07011
Private Issue - secured unlisted redeemable non-convertible debentures issued on private placement basis face value of Rs.1,000 each dated

Applicant’s Details Please fill in all details

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Investor Category

Investment Details (For details, please refer Issue Structure overleaf)

Series A
Frequency of Interest Payment Quarterly
Type of NCD Secured Non-Convertible Debentures
Minimum Application 1,00,000
Face Value/ Issue Price of NCDs (/ NCD) 1,000
In Multiples of thereafter () 1,00,000
Tenor 10 Years, Redeemable after 3 years
Coupon (% per annum) for NCD Holders 13%
Mode of Interest Payment Bank Transfer / Cheque
Amount (/ NCD) on Maturity for NCD Holders Bank Transfer / Cheque

Multiple of 100s only

Payment Details

Applicant’s Undertaking

  1. We have received, read, reviewed, and understood all the contents, terms and conditions, and disclosures private placement offer letter cum application form (the “PPOAL” / “Offer Document”), issued by Shreni Shares Private Limited (the “Issuer”).
  2. We have also done all the required due diligence (legal or otherwise) without relying upon the information contained in the Offer Document.
  3. Now, therefore, we hereby agree to accept the Debentures mentioned hereunder or such smaller number as may be allocated to us, subject to the terms of the Offer Document, this Application Form.
  4. We undertake that we will sign all such other documents and do all such other acts if any, necessary on our part to enable us to be registered as the holder(s) of the Debentures which may be allotted to us. The amount payable on the application as shown below is remitted herewith.
  5. We have attached a filled of the Application Form and confirm that all the information provided therein is accurate, true, and complete. The bank account details set out by us in Application Form is the account from which we are making payment for subscribing to the Issue.
  6. We confirm that the Issue has a fixed rate of interest.
  7. We note that the Issuer is entitled in its absolute discretion to accept or reject this application in whole or in part without assigning any reason whatsoever

Attention of the Investors is specifically drawn to the provisions of sub-section (1) of Section 38 of the Companies Act, 2013 which is reproduced below: “Any person who- (a) makes or abets making of an application in a fictitious name to a company for acquiring, or subscribing for, its securities; or (b) makes or abets making of multiple applications to a company in different names or in different combinations of his name or surname for acquiring or subscribing for its securities; or (c) otherwise induces directly or indirectly a company to allot, or register any transfer of, securities to him, or to any other person in a fictitious name, shall be liable for action under section 447 of the Companies Act, 2013”.

Instructions for filling up the application form

  1. Application must be completed in full BLOCK LETTER IN ENGLISH except in case of signature. Applications, which are not complete in every respect, are liable to be rejected.
  2. Payments must be made in favour of “SHRENI SHARES PRIVATE LIMITED”.
  3. The Application Form along with relevant documents should be forwarded to the registered office of Shreni Shares Private Limited to the attention of Mr. Hitesh Punjani, Compliance Officer on the same day the application money is deposited in the Bank or with the clearing corporation. A copy of PAN Card must be attached to the application.
  4. The Debentures shall be issued in Demat form only and subscribers may carefully fill in the details of Client ID/ DP ID.
  5. In the case of an application made under Power of Attorney or by limited companies, corporate bodies, registered societies, trusts, etc., the following documents (attested by Company Secretary /Directors) must be lodged along with the application or sent directly to the Issuer at its registered office to the attention of Mr. Hitesh Punjani, Compliance Officer along with a copy of the Application Form.
    • Memorandum and articles of association/documents governing constitution/ certificate of incorporation.
    • Board resolution of the investor authorising investment.
    • Certified true copy of the Power of Attorney.
    • Specimen signatures of the authorised signatories duly certified by an appropriate authority.
    • PAN (otherwise exemption certificate by IT authorities).
    • Specimen signatures of authorised persons.
    • SEBI registration certificate, if applicable.
  6. The applicant represents and confirms that it has understood the terms and conditions of the Debentures and is authorised and eligible to invest in the same and perform any obligations related to such investment. Any Application Form received from a person other than an identified investor will be invalid. Further, any incomplete Application Form not accompanied by the filled-in Identified Investor Details in the Application Form will also be treated as invalid.

Any Application Form received from a person other than an identified investor will be invalid. Further, any incomplete Application Form not accompanied by the filled-in Identified Investor Details in the Application Form will also be treated as invalid.

Debentures bank account details

Account Name Shreni Shares Pvt Ltd-Debenture A/c
Account Number 57500000593685
MICR Code 400240015
Branch Fort Branch, Mumbai – 400 001.


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Company contact details

Shreni Shares Pvt Ltd: A-102,Sea Lord CHS, above Axis bank, Ram Nagar, Borivali West, Mumbai -400092

Contact: 022-28980464

Mobile: 9892789277 / 9819283188



CIN: U67190MH2009PTC195845

Registrar contact details

Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd: 1st Floor, Bharat Tin Works Building, Opp. Vasant Oasis, Makwana Road, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400059

Contact: 022-6263 8200



SEBI Registration no: INR000001385

  • In case of queries related to allotment/ credit of Allotted NCDs/Refund, the Applicants should contact Company to the Issue.
  • Acknowledgment is subject to Availability of Funds in the BANK Account.